Sometimes, home renovations leave you with more than just a newly updated space. From kitchen improvements to new flooring installments, many home projects produce leftovers, especially if you like to over-prepare and stock up on supplies. Now that your initial use for them is complete, what do you do with the renovation leftovers? Proper disposal of reno leftovers not only fixes your problem but also provides a more eco-conscious solution than dumping it in the waste pile.

Here are three ways to make the most of your Renovation leftovers.

Leftover renovation materials

Store It for Future Projects

Frequent home renovators and improvers best benefit from keeping the spares. Storing your leftover renovation materials gives them a second purpose and benefits your future projects. Instead of buying new supplies, you save money and work with what you have. However, before shoving them into a closet or your garage, ensure you know how to properly store your materials. Many materials require specific storage conditions, like wallpaper and wooden floorboards. Knowing the ideal storage methods for spare wood floors preserves the quality of your leftover supply and ensures they stay in their prime for future use. Storing your leftover goods helps you with other projects, and proper storage of the spares enhances the quality of your future work.

Repurpose Materials

Renovation materials aren’t just tied down to home improvements. Many of the supplies used in home renos offer multifaceted qualities. Repurposing leftover items like wood scraps, spare or chipped tiles, and wall paint into other creative enterprises gets them out of your way and produces additional new creations. Aside from building materials, other renovation leftovers like screws, nails, tape, and storage boxes also come with multiple uses aside from updating your space.

Find It New Owners

As the famous saying goes, “one man’s trash can be another man’s treasure.” Although cliché, the saying rings true. If you don’t find any other purposes or needs for the leftover goods, someone else might find them useful. There are many ways to find your spares a new home, from giving them to friends or donating them to workshops to dropping them off at recycling centers. You can even send your extras to specific donation centers. Any new owner but the landfill puts your leftovers to good use.

The best thing to do with your renovation leftovers is to give them a second chance. Whether you store them for later home improvements or donate them to a good cause, finding different ways to make the most of your spares benefits you, others, and the planet. Plus, the materials also benefit from avoiding the confines of a landfill.