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Whether you consider yourself a creative or prefer a minimalistic approach, artwork is often the perfect way to pull together a home’s design. With diversity in medium, color, and even subject, there are so many ways for you to mix your personal tastes with the fundamentals of your home’s overall look. However, when it comes to actually positioning the artwork within your home, it can sometimes be difficult to gauge how to best do so. These are four effective ways to incorporate artwork into your home design and make a style of your own.

Hung Low or Eye Level

This is one of the most direct methods that homeowners use to display their art as it puts each piece in the viewer’s direct line of sight. It’s also useful for drawing a visitor’s attention to a specific point in a room—which is great if you have something you want them to notice. However, hanging an image lower on the wall also allows it to have a larger impact on the room’s look as a whole. So, if the colors begin to clash, it will be more readily noticed.

Displayed as a Collection

Fortunately, you can mitigate this clash of style and hue by hanging your artwork as part of a collection. Collections are sets of pieces that all share a common feature—which ties all separate works together and promotes consistency. These similarities make the individual artworks feel like a segment of a greater whole. Therefore, it’s more likely to create cohesion in the room.

Mixed With Functionality

Another way to incorporate artwork into your home design is to combine it with a functional piece of furniture. One example of this is handmade lighting fixtures. They come with a series of benefits, but these lighting fixtures are especially effective at providing a unique touch of design while still performing a household purpose. This makes their use more subtle than hung art, yet they’re still highly effective at setting the atmosphere and mood.

Matching Color Scheme

One of the surest ways to make a room’s design consistent is to purchase artwork that matches the rest of the room’s color scheme. Though this might seem to be too much in some instances, it’s the best way to establish a specific atmosphere when done correctly. You don’t even have to choose the same shades of color to get this effect. Just be careful that you don’t choose colors that are too bold for this technique, as that’s when it can overwhelm your senses.