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When you want to look like you’re living in the lap of luxury, your home needs to work with you. Small rooms in a house are demotivating to work into a large-scale design—but not impossible. If a total renovation isn’t the answer you want, finding quick and simple fixes for your small rooms to create the illusion of a big room can elevate the design of your home. These easy home design tips that make rooms look larger won’t require a contractor or difficult work and will let you focus on different areas of your home.

Don’t Clutter a Room with Small Accents

A room will seem larger if it has more space and open air. When you decorate using small pieces of furniture or décor, it takes away from the negative space of the room and can make an area feel cramped. A large-feeling room will have several big accents that amplify the vertical space, such as ceiling-to-floor curtains, or even furniture that forms zones within a room. Walls are important for making rooms seem larger—don’t clutter them with small pieces. Instead, try hanging large paintings or art pieces that add elegance and class.

Tall, Skinny Furniture

All of your larger furniture should highlight the size of your room, not block the view. Allowing guests to see through furniture, whether it’s under a tall table or chair, will fully show off the extra space in a room. Large, bulky furniture will only take up space and won’t provide the same look as slimmer furniture.

Add Rugs to Zone Out Space

As mentioned earlier, creating zones of space within rooms to section off other rooms can help you organize furniture and create extra space. Rugs assist with zoning rooms because they form visible areas on the floor for furniture to sit on and decorate. A small room should only have one large rug that doesn’t touch the walls, while a larger room may benefit from two walls to zone space—such as a living and dining room with an open floor plan.

Creating an Illusion with Paint Color

The last of the easy home design tips that make rooms look larger is to pick the right paint colors to accent the entire room. Bright wall colors, such as white, will add a cold emptiness to a room that goes well with dark furniture. Darker colors, while cozier than bright colors, may make a room feel smaller than it is. Complement your color choice with a contrasting one for a modern illusion of grandeur. As an example, black and white work well together when creating negative space in a room.