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Interior design is a challenging job that requires a great deal of planning and the ability to visualize what the space will look like after specific changes have been made. The role of a home designer can be further complicated when you are working with limited space. Here are four tips for decorating a small space.

Brighten the Room

The best way to make any room appear larger is to brighten the room as much as possible to eliminate shadows. Using lighter colors for decorations and wall paint can help reflect light in the room. And speaking of reflecting, using mirrors as wall decorations will create the illusion of more space. You can also use recessed or hanging lights that don’t take up precious space on the floor.

Bold but Cohesive

Making bold decorating decisions can help the small details in your place stand out. Making use of seasonal plants is a great way to add a pop of color to any room. Depending on the look you are going for, you can also try dark wall paint and furniture to draw the focus onto objects instead of space. If you do go with bold decorations, be sure to limit the number of different colors to avoid sensory overload and select pieces that will match with the furniture and appliances that you already have.

Placing Your Pieces

Before placing any of your furniture or appliances, be sure to properly measure the space to give you an idea of how much room you will be working with.


Many people believe that placing the seating, especially sofas and sectionals, against the wall is the best option for maximizing space. Another option is to place the furniture just out from the wall, creating the illusion of depth. Another non-traditional seating option is to use hanging furniture to preserve space on the floor.


The art that you display can also be used to hide the true size of a room. Hanging large prints will draw your eyes towards the art, distracting you from the space constraints.

Use Your Walls

The last of the tips for decorating a small space is to use wall decorations to create your perfect aesthetic. One method is to hang furniture that you can fold up into your wall. Another option is to mount your television instead of using an entertainment center that only takes up space. Cabinets are the perfect creative storage solution for preserving floor space.