A good DIY home project has the potential to save you thousands. In that case, DIY projects are always the way to go, right? Wrong! While certain types of DIY projects can be great, some are very dangerous or can damage your home, meaning you’d be spending more money on repairs than if you’d had a professional do the project originally. Here are three types of home projects you should never DIY.

Electrical Repairs

Electrical work is complicated and has the potential to go very wrong if you don’t know what you’re doing. Never try to replace your electrical panel yourself—one wrong move, and you can easily electrocute yourself or start a fire in your home. Even smaller electrical projects such as installing a new light fixture can be risky and cause damage to your home if done incorrectly. It’s not worth the risk. Though it may be more expensive than attempting it yourself, hiring a professional electrician is certainly worth it in these situations.

Fixing or Replacing Plumbing

Just like electrical work, plumbing is surprisingly complicated. If you have no prior plumbing knowledge, don’t attempt any major plumbing work in your home. This includes jobs such as installing new toilets, sinks, and dishwashers. These jobs may seem simple, but piping is notoriously difficult to reconnect properly once disassembled. If you do it incorrectly you risk leaks and flooding, which can lead to major damage in your home. Best to leave it to a professional.

Roof Repairs and Installations

If a few shingles have fallen off your roof, it seems simple enough to tack them back on yourself. But this is a bad idea. In addition to the possibility of you falling from your roof and injuring yourself, you can also seriously damage the roof itself. Roofing repair is an intricate art, and when done incorrectly, it can lead to further roof damage and water damage inside your home due to leaks. In addition, you should never attempt to install solar panels or other roofing materials and hardware on your own. This, too, can damage your roof.

Trying home improvement projects on your own is a great idea. However, you must stay away from these home projects you should never DIY. You can complete many other DIY home repair project to enhance your home. However, project that only create additional damage should be left to professionals.