When you first moved into your new place, you likely broke it in with a nice clean before unpacking and making the site feel like home. After that, however, it may be hard to gauge when you need to clean. Learning how to set your annual cleaning checklist for the home will reduce the stress you feel when the time to cleanse comes around each year.

Organize by Season

To make your annual cleaning checklist a little shorter, break tasks down by season. Then, use each season deep-clean and organize a different area of the home; this will help you stay ahead of the curve before the next weather transition.


Your annual cleaning checklist for the summer should include washing all linens and pillows. If you have a basement, attic, or garage, use this season to reorganize, clean, and clear them of clutter!


Fall is when you should paint or repaint your home. It would be best if you took the time during this season to defrost and clean your freezer and fridge. Don’t forget to open the stovetop and clean it and the inside of your oven thoroughly. Fall is also the time to polish any artwork, statues, fine china, or decorations.


In the winter months, ensure that you are using your time indoors wisely. Winter is a great time to go through all your old mail and files, shredding or throwing outdated items in a bonfire as necessary. Now is also the time to go through your medicine cabinet and all the hard-to-reach places in your home.

Most of these tough-to-reach places will be in the kitchen. Don’t forget to clear out and organize your drawers. If applicable, ensure you know how to clean drawer liners. If you don’t already have drawer liners, consider investing in them, as they will prevent you from cleaning out your drawers as frequently or collecting as much dust.


Spring is the time when everyone goes into a cleaning frenzy. But because you already set your annual cleaning checklist for the home beforehand, you won’t have to stress during this season. During the spring months, clean your carpets, windows, and screens. Inside your kitchen, go through the cabinets and pantry to remove all food and other items that you no longer want.

Ensure that you take time each year to treat each room in the house to a little TLC. Also, be sure that you regularly dust and vacuum to ensure no stale smells linger. Finish up with a refreshing room spray, and your home will feel like new.