What your bathroom looks like can say more to guests about you as a homeowner than the style choices of any other room in the house. If you’re someone who likes to keep your home looking its best, look for signs that tell you it’s time for a bathroom makeover in your house.

An Unintentionally Retro Interior

Some of the most incredible homes on the market are the houses that have a long history and stories in every square foot, but older homes come with older designs. Bathrooms are especially notorious for brandishing design choices that don’t align with contemporary tastes, like carpeted flooring or dizzying mosaic tiles. If your home’s bathroom makes guests feel like they’ve stepped into a time machine, it might be time to consider incorporating modern trends into your bathroom.

Running Out of Counter Space

Whether due to a growing family or a growing collection, a sign that tells you it’s time for a bathroom makeover is running out of room to keep all your restroom supplies. Bathrooms are often a place to step away from the bustle of a party or decompress from a day of work, so an overly busy and anxiety-inducing counter can be a bathroom’s downfall.

If you find yourself constantly knocking things off the counter when you’re getting ready for the day, installing a bigger counter, shelves, or other organization options can become a remodeling priority.

Visible Cracks, Leaks, and Damage

Damage is one of the clearest motivations to revamp your restroom. Unsightly for guests and irritating for homeowners, cracks and leaks can go beyond ruining the aesthetic of your bathroom. Untreated leaks create a perfect environment for mold growth on and under tile, plastic, and even inside the walls. A bathroom makeover is the perfect opportunity to both change up the bathroom’s design and address some of the most common structural and safety issues that occur there.

Remodeling your bathroom has a nasty reputation for taking a long time despite being one of the smallest spaces in the home. However, with a solid plan and a realistic budget, an outdated and in-need bathroom can be revamped into an at-home spa that you won’t regret waiting for.