As handy as you think you might be, some home projects need a professional contractor. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to undertake projects like deck building, commit DIY deck building mistakes, and end up with a disappointing finished project.

Establishing and maintaining a good relationship with your contractor when your home is undergoing a renovation can help make the experience less stressful for you and more productive for them. If this is your first time working with a contractor, it can be challenging to know the balance between friendly and professional.

Explore these tips for good etiquette when working with contractors and keep your relationship with your contractor on excellent terms!


From the very beginning, you should communicate openly with the contractor. Letting them know what you want from the start allows them to develop a plan. Changes and surprises will happen; be sure to ask questions and share any concerns you might have about the budget, materials, or how long things are taking. A good contractor will anticipate concerns and know how to answer your most pressing questions. Transparency is essential in any working relationship, especially when the person is working inside your home!


Before the crew arrives to start working, you’ll need to prepare your home for the remodel. There are a few ways you can make your home accessible to the contractor and their crew, including:

  • Place any fragile items in a safe place, like a closet.
  • Offer space in your driveway for them to park and offer parking instructions or permits if needed.
  • Keep your pets away from construction areas for their and the crew’s safety.

Don’t Hover

Checking in with your contractor periodically to see how the project is progressing is a good idea. You can see if they need anything, too. But be sure not to hover over them, peppering them with questions. You hired them for a reason—trust their expertise and allow them to concentrate on the job.

Limit Additions

It can be tempting to talk to the contractor about adding elements or changing materials as the job progresses. Contractors know that homeowners sometimes change their minds but try to keep any tweaks to a minimum. Constantly adding and removing work will throw the work schedule off and can make the crew frustrated.


Show the crew your gratitude for all the hard work they’re doing; make them coffee and say good morning. Even though they are working on your home, they are still guests, and you should treat them accordingly.

When the contractor and crew finish the job and you’re happy with the finished project, be sure to leave a five-star review on social media sites. Some homeowners even give their contractor and crew a bonus if they finish within the projected timeline.

Implementing these tips for good etiquette when working with contractors can make your home remodel go smoothly for both you and the crew!