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Use Old Furniture to Make Pet Beds


Want to create your own pet beds? Here are 5 different ways you can do this by re-furnishing your old furniture. It’s a fashionable and fun way to create a little  “re-treat” for your pets. 

Nightstand Bed

This old flea-market dresser has been turned into a combination bedside table and pet bed. In the photo above, the bottom two drawers were cut out and then it was relined with a beadboard. It was painted a fun turquoise color to make it “pop.” Add a fluffy cushion or blanket to make it a welcoming re”treat.” 

Octagon Table/Bed

Octagon tables were all the rage 40 years ago; today you can find them secondhand for next to nothing. In this instance, the octagon table door was removed and freshly painted. It was made pet friendly by lining the inside with fabric and adding an inviting cushion.

Drawer Turned Bed

This simple project requires very little power-tool skills. New furniture feet were screwed onto the base of an old dresser drawer, then the entire piece was painted. Wood letters were adhered to the front to identify the new owner.

Carrier/Pet Bed

This portable pet carrier is easy to make and doesn’t cost a lot. The mesh top is removable so the basket can be used for an outing or at home as a pet bed.

Office Chair

To make this comfy chair, the legs were cut off an old office chair. Furniture pads were added to the bottom to re-stabilize it. Then the entire chair was covered in a soft blanket and felt letters.

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