Most homeowners look for ways to increase their home’s value, but it’s even more important right before you sell. You need the best improvements to help you get the cost you want. Here are ideas that you can use for a property value increase.

Expand Your Floor Plan

The first thing you can do to up the value right now is to enhance your floor plan. Next, you can add square footage by building an addition onto the house, such as a finished basement, a sunroom, or an enclosed patio. Whatever it is you want to add on, ensure it adds extra space that’s accessible and usable.

Declutter Your House

Decluttering is an excellent way to show off spacious areas. Focus on your basement, attic, and garage, where old junk tends to accumulate. Some cleaning services can remove the stuff for you, but it’s best to go through your things beforehand so you can decide what to keep and what to toss.

Inspect Your Home for Toxins

Past water damage may have triggered mold growth that you don’t even know about. Additionally, if your home was constructed before 1970, you might have asbestos or vermiculite in the walls. Vermiculite is a type of asbestos that can turn off prospective home buyers, but you should also have it removed for health reasons. Work with a certified inspector to find mold, asbestos, or other potential toxins and schedule to have them removed and cleaned out of your walls. If you don’t, it will surely come up in a buyer’s inspection, and you’ll need to address it regardless.

Update the Kitchen

In most homes, the kitchen could undergo an update. While it may not seem like a major change, adding new gadgets like a newer fridge or dishwasher could increase the value of your home. This way of raising property value could lead to a more modern house.

Look at the room, and find what you need to replace, repaint, or upgrade. These small things can be within budget but ultimately are ways that can increase your home’s value. After finding what to fix and change, you’re ready to sell.

Before buying or selling a home, it’s essential to look for areas to improve over time. Even the most modern homes could use an upgrade or two. But no matter what idea you end up with, it will lead to an incredible return on your investment.