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You finally graduated, rocked the interview, and got that first job. Congratulations—adulthood is on the way. All you need now is to move out of your old room at the “P’s” and get your own place. Mom and Dad are great and all, but a man needs his own space, even if you’re sharing it with the boys. Decorating your dorm room or college apartment is not the same as furnishing the bachelor pad. Those other joints were temporary and full of rules. Don’t hang your underwear from the ceiling fan. Don’t drill holes in the wall for your Chris Farley poster. Stop using the heater to make grilled cheese at night, and blah, blah, blah. This is your place to do with as you see fit, and you’re going to need a few things. What you need to fill a bachelor pad is whatever you want, bro, plus these essentials.

A Kegerator or Mini Fridge

There is going to be a full-size fridge in the house already, but that’s in the kitchen. You will need a mini fridge at minimum, and a kegerator at best for the living room and/or garage. When you are watching the game, you don’t want to risk losing your seat to get another beer. Keep the goods close by so you don’t miss anything. The kegerator is just good economics too; buy in bulk and save money.

A Massive Sectional

To properly enjoy that massive TV on the wall, you’re going to need something to sit on. The sectional will fit you and all the guys in comfort. Sectionals are perfect for sitting but even better for Sunday afternoon recovery. Three full-grown men can fully stretch out. It’s a no brainer. Go next level and get a recliner for yourself and declare it your Iron Throne that no butt shall touch but yours.

Super-Size Mounted LED TV

This should go without saying, but here we are. Get the biggest TV you can afford. Even if you can’t afford it, the daring among you will buy it anyway and figure out the details anyway. There is no excuse to have a small TV in this age of 98-inch flat screens. You aren’t huddled in a dorm room devoid of space. Find the biggest wall, hang the TV, and decorate around it.

Wet Bar Tools

Beer is the standby, always there when you need it and easily accessible, but what you really need in a bachelor pad is bar tools for making cocktails. Believe it or not, there will be times when you want something besides beer. As you go along in life, you’ll discover other, more delicious beverages in the world. You’ll need a shaker, zester, cocktail spears, rocks glasses, and a garnish station for a nice wet bar. Drinking martinis or old-fashioneds offers a nice break from chugging beer.