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Has your master bedroom become the room where you dump everything that doesn’t have a place? It can happen easily since the master is usually a large room with what can sometimes seem like wasted space. When used properly and decorated in a way that makes you want to keep it looking beautiful, the master bedroom becomes a lovely refuge with useable space. Here are some helpful ways to decorate your master bedroom.

Create Areas

With the extra space a master bedroom often brings, there is opportunity to create areas in the room beyond the bed for sleeping.

An office space can take up an empty corner of the room. Sometimes even a large walk-in closet is used or partially used for the purpose of an office. Crafting areas or wrapping stations can be created in the same way when decorating your master bedroom.

A sitting area separate from the sleeping area can be a nice way to end the evening before going to bed. A little loveseat and a table will do the trick.

Choose a Theme and Color Scheme

When considering ways to decorate your master bedroom, you’ll want to keep the same idea running throughout the entire room. It is helpful to figure out what kind of mood you want to set. Styles such as vintage, modern, or rustic are popular themes. Colors can be anything—remember it is your room. If it is hard to choose, think about what colors and ideas bring you comfort and a relaxed feeling. Next, decide how you will make those ideas come to life.

Paint, Wallpaper, and Bedding

This is the fun part where the color comes in! New bedding is a great start so you can coordinate a wall covering with it. Bedding gives an instant new feeling to the entire room.

Wallpaper has made a comeback after leaving the scene for several years. It might be fun to check out some designs. You can always do one accent wall with wallpaper if you don’t want to paper the entire room.

Paint is a great DIY project and can give you an entirely new look over a weekend. It is an excellent option if you like to change colors often.

Remember the Little Things

Items that might get overlooked are important to the decorating process. How about your light fixtures? Do they go with the rest of the new theme you have created? If not, pick some out and give a residential licensed electrician a call to help you out.

Window coverings can be updated to fit in with your new and improved master bedroom. Dressers and nightstands can even be painted to help pull everything together.

Enjoy the process of decorating your new space.