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While renting is typically one of the most affordable housing options, you may prefer a home that you can really invest in and make your own. Unfortunately, traditional homes can be quite expensive and may not be realistic for your budget. Luckily, you have alternative housing options to consider that will provide the same qualities and benefits of homeownership without the extravagant price tag.


If you’re looking at an area with a waterfront, a houseboat may be something to consider. These houseboats reside on the water and can still supply plenty of room. However, the overall initial cost is much smaller as you’re not purchasing any land, and your houseboat can move and settle elsewhere as necessary. Besides, what’s more fun than spending time on the water from the comfort of your own home?

Tiny Homes

Though their original purpose was to provide cheap homes for those who couldn’t afford the price and upkeep of their full-sized counterparts, prefabricated tiny homes have come a long way as a quality alternative to traditional homes. Despite the myths about prefabricated homes, tiny homes are just that: tiny homes. They can provide all the same utilities and amenities larger homes have when built on a foundation, but they also have the option of mobility. Depending on their design, they can allow you to pick up and move when necessary but in a home of higher quality than your typical trailer homes. No matter where you go, you’re always home.

Shipping Container Homes

While your first thought might be of a steel box that someone furnished, shipping container homes are so much more than that. These homes are a great way to recycle shipping containers into easy-to-assemble homes with an attractive, modern design. While they are typically on the smaller side, your shipping container home’s size can vary depending on how many containers you use in the construction. This way, you can meet the demands of a larger space while staying affordable.

Silo Homes

Are you looking at a more rural area? Another alternative housing option to consider is refurbishing and converting old, abandoned silos into new, affordable homes. Their circular design makes for a trendy bungalow-esque appearance that captures the charm of a country aesthetic. Silo homes are also easy to clean and maintain for tenants looking for a simple and neat appearance.